Your clothes need to express your personality and present the best version of you at these important times in your life and your career.

Woman in the boardroom

Anne is a Non executive for three different companies and charity. After many years in a senior position in finance, her new roles and lifestyle require a different look. Also, she now wants to update her image, and have more fun with her clothes. I help her remodel her wardrobe and image, so that she feels up-do-date and ready for her new roles and busy lifestyle

High fly profile

Susan is a partner at a law firm and travels frequently for business. Her challenge was office-to evening, for different climates -and often- hand luggage only! I created a capsule module and a photo album that she can refer to easily, so she can now pack quickly and lightly while still making an impact. My capsules always balance quality and weight of fabrics, colours, and comfort, including feminine footwear ... Because the right shoes can take a woman a long way

From Business Formal to Business Casual

Mary had already been working with me for a couple of years, embracing a more relaxed yet stylish look. So when her company announced a shift from business formal to business casual attire she knew she was on the right track (and in good hands).

Most people do not know how smart casual should look like so I made sure Mary's style was spot on: in line with the new dress code, with personality and still looking the part.


Lucia made my shopping in London a real pleasure and much more! Being an Italian give her an inherited sense of beauty and harmony, but not only this. Lucia has a temper that makes you enjoy the process, it becomes a real creative work and you enjoy it (even if you hate shopping). She broaden my horizons and approaches to my image, which I would never have dared to do myself-and always worked! I love wearing the clothes I bought with her and love myself in them.
NI, Head of Diversified Sectors Coverage, RBS
I've worked with Lucia for over 10 years and her fashion knowledge, personal service and attention to detail makes her an outstanding stylist. She also brings her own very clever "eye" so always keeps your wardrobe contemporary whilst stylish and effortlessly chic!
SF, Director - Communications; Non-executive; Trustee at Historic Royal Palaces
Lucia has completely changed not just my 'look' but the way I think about clothes. She has given me the confidence to wear shapes and colours I would never have dreamt of wearing before, and with a completely new attitude.
CL, Partner at Partnership Headhunting
Working with Lucia has been a fantastic experience. My wardrobe is now more streamline, manageable and makes business travel so easy. Lucia's hand selected pieces are also the most lovely conversation starters - quite amazing the compliments you get! We all know that people notice what you wear and so getting professional help in ensuring you are the best you can be, it makes total sense - I just wish I had done this earlier in my career!
NB, Managing Director in Financial Services
I needed to find two outfits for a very special evening birthday occasion and for a daytime Royal visit. Both very different requirements! Lucia assessed my needs, did her research and I simply had to choose from the outfits she had selected. On both occasions I bought the first thing I tried on and felt amazing!
LW, CEO and Trustee at Historic Royal Palaces