Bridget Jones vs Dita von Teese

Bridget Jones versus Dita Von Teese

Last night I went to my first tango Milonga, sat next to a very nice lady and while chatting she shared with me some female "frustrations" and we ended up talking about lingerie...
She was complaining that due to her shape, she was buying un-matching lingerie and maxi knickers in M&S as those worn by Bridget Jones... of course the result was not feeling really sexy and confident.
Who doesn't love watching Bridget Jone's Diary and dream about a handsome guy who says - I like you just the way you are – well honestly, we all do.
However, there is a subtle message that feeds the limiting believe that you don't need to make any effort. You can smoke, drink, eat and wear the same old maxi knickers and at the end, someone will still love you.
Is it really like that? Or everything you do and wear affects how you feel and, as a result, how people perceives you?

Do you feel confident in your lingerie?

Feeling good starts with the first drawer you open in the morning. How can wearing boring knickers, an old bra, or mis-matching underwear make you ooze femininity and confidence?
No matter what shape you are, you can always decide how you want to feel starting from your lingerie.
In my work it is normal to go through what to wear underneath as it really helps to shape and make sure all the "bits" sit in the right place. I must say, in my career, I haven’t met yet a successful, stylish and confident woman or man wearing poor underwear - and they would NOT dare to because they believe they deserve better.

So... How does YOUR underwear make you feel? 

Do you regularly have a scan through to make sure it is all in good shape? Do you update it regularly? Do you love your lingerie?
If the answer is NO, please go to your lingerie drawer, be ruthless and get rid of anything that has lost shape, colour or simply does not make you feel great and organise a shopping trip to buy some new sets.
Be outrageous and have fun. Don't be afraid of trying something new and different. And don't be shy to ask for assistance to direct you to items that would better flatter and maximise "your bits”.

Lingerie moodboard

As Dita Von Teese would say, it is not your size that matters, rather what you choose accordingly to your shape and your taste. Don't try to compare yourself to a type of beauty that is far away from your features, on the contrary find the way to exploit them.

Nowadays we are very lucky as everything is available on the market and it is just a matter of making some research or get the expert to do it for you.

If you are a curvy lady, you might want to look for some vintage style lingerie: high waist panty are really fashionable plus they help defining and supporting, but choose them with nice details and fabric to make you feel sexy...  you don't have to go for Bridget's one!

On the other hand, if curves are not really your strength, collections present wide selections of push-ups and padded bras. Just make sure to choose the fit and cut that really emphasise your figure.

Knowing your size is fundamental. Also, be aware of variations across different brands. So, always try, don't assume.

If time is a struggle or simply you find that doing it together would make your life easier...


Have fun!

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Lucia made my shopping in London a real pleasure and much more! Being an Italian give her an inherited sense of beauty and harmony, but not only this. Lucia has a temper that makes you enjoy the process, it becomes a real creative work and you enjoy it (even if you hate shopping). She broaden my horizons and approaches to my image, which I would never have dared to do myself-and always worked! I love wearing the clothes I bought with her and love myself in them.
NI, Head of Diversified Sectors Coverage, RBS
I've worked with Lucia for over 10 years and her fashion knowledge, personal service and attention to detail makes her an outstanding stylist. She also brings her own very clever "eye" so always keeps your wardrobe contemporary whilst stylish and effortlessly chic!
SF, Director - Communications; Non-executive; Trustee at Historic Royal Palaces
Lucia has completely changed not just my 'look' but the way I think about clothes. She has given me the confidence to wear shapes and colours I would never have dreamt of wearing before, and with a completely new attitude.
CL, Partner at Partnership Headhunting
Working with Lucia has been a fantastic experience. My wardrobe is now more streamline, manageable and makes business travel so easy. Lucia's hand selected pieces are also the most lovely conversation starters - quite amazing the compliments you get! We all know that people notice what you wear and so getting professional help in ensuring you are the best you can be, it makes total sense - I just wish I had done this earlier in my career!
NB, Managing Director in Financial Services
I needed to find two outfits for a very special evening birthday occasion and for a daytime Royal visit. Both very different requirements! Lucia assessed my needs, did her research and I simply had to choose from the outfits she had selected. On both occasions I bought the first thing I tried on and felt amazing!
LW, CEO and Trustee at Historic Royal Palaces